Saturday, August 1, 2015

Unfinished Vision

This is my latest commissioned painting of an astronaut titled, "Unfinished Vision."
This is an acrylic painting on canvas (26" x 24"). Here's the things that I wanted to accomplish with this piece:

1) Original composition of various components for an unique perspective.
2) Start with high detail on one side and have the painting flow to the other side to become unfinished.
3) Use angles to give the painting a sense of movement.

This photo shows the painting being painted. I started with the more detailed side-this way I can carry over the color and have it fade out into the background. I like being able to look at a painting and know it's a painting and not a photo.

The sketch shows the placement of objects. I angled the astronaut on direction and angled the background the other direction. This should make it look like the astronaut is taking his first step and keeping the painting as original as possible. The finished version is above and hope you enjoyed this preview of the painting_Shaun

Pumpkin Carving-Halloween Time_3

Happy Belated Halloween!!

Busy year this year and didn't get a chance to post on my blog lately. Last Halloween I was paid by receiving an actual carving set to carve a pumpkin for same friends of mine, but they wanted a plush monkey. Here's the photo of the pumpkin but I had to add some Halloween flavor by adding the stiches across the forehead. Hope you enjoy this one-next year I am thinking of a Zombie, but we'll see what happens.