Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pumpkin Carving-Halloween Time_5

Happy Halloween! 
That means…pumpkin carving fun! Here's this years pumpkin 2017, a wicked witch to help handout candy to the neighborhood children. Wishing everyone a fun filled holiday!

I wanted to try something different this year and expand my horizon. I wanted to do a smooth face, peeling hair and to add more detail in the eyes. 

I started with some basic eyes and then blocked out the nose. Then worked in the cheeks as I carved the mouth, teeth and had to go back and finish up the detail in the eyes. The hair was difficult because I kept peeling the pumpkin skin off - so when trying this you really need to definitely watch your strength with it.  

She's going to look great outside with a couple glow sticks inside. Hope you enjoyed this years pumpkin - - Happy Halloween!!!_Shaun.